The following are common errors that occur when importing shipments via CSV into and how to resolve them.

1. No ship date

This is the date you are dropping your packages off at Chit Chats. It must be filled in if you want to buy postage from Chit Chats. Otherwise you may expect to see an "unable to fetch postage rate" error.

2. Incorrectly formatted columns.

The following columns must be formatted to the exact specifications provided in the sample template:

*Also keep in mind that the package and postage types indicated must be compatible. For example, if regional_rate_box_a_1 is used, usps_priority must be indicated for postage.

3. Zip code with missing 'leading zero'

Some applications automatically remove leading zeros which will prevent you from entering postal/zip codes that start with 0 (i.e. 0123 becomes 123).

If this happens, follow these steps to format your numbers as plain text which will ensure that leading zeros are displayed:

  1. Select the postal_code column heading
  2. In Excel: Change the format from 'Number' to 'Text', sort by descending order and add the '0' back in to the front of 4-digit zip codes if necessary
    In Numbers: in the format sidebar on the right, click cell, in the "Data format" dropdown select 'Text'

4. Not in UTF-8 format

To ensure your file is saved as UTF-8, make a copy of the sample template in Google and save as CSV. Google saves these files as UTF-8 encoded by default.

If you already saved your file as an Excel spreadsheet, then follow these steps:

  • Navigate to File menu option and click Save As
  • Name your file
  • Select the Save as type as .csv
  • Click Tools drop-down box and click Web Options
  • Under Encoding tab, see Save this document as: Unicode (UTF-8)
  • Save

5. Tracking Number Already Taken

If you are providing your own postage, keep in mind that shipments should not share the same tracking number. Please check your file for duplicate tracking numbers.

In some cases tracking numbers in CSV files may appear truncated. This is because they have been converted to scientific notation. If this is happens, you will need to reformat your file and try the import again.

6. Address Contains Special Characters 

Addresses should be provided in the English alphabet whenever possible. You may need to use a translator program or confirm with your recipient that you have the correct address information in English. Accented characters may cause an import to fail.

7. Invalid Headers

The headers on the CSV template (first row) should not be altered in anyway. Any changes to headers will cause an import to fail.

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