You can start shipping with Chit Chats in 5 quick steps:

Step 1: Create an Account at
Step 2: Verify email, phone and Declaration
Step 3: Add Credits to your account (or pay in-store with cash or debit)
Step 4: Import orders one of the following ways:

Manually via "New Shipment"

Import several shipments

Connect your Shopify / Etsy store

Step 4: Purchase your postage through Chit Chats (if needed*)
Step 5:
Print postage through Chit Chats

Congratulations! We are now ready to receive your shipments. 

When getting your shipments to us you can either:

*If you would like to use another U.S. carrier or want to print your postage outside of Chit Chats you will still need to import your shipments into our system to get them ready. 

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