If you use the Stamps.com desktop application to buy postage, you can import your shipments into ChitChats via XML for manifesting.

Important! This process works when you have Data Sources (e.g. from Shopify, Etsy or eBay) set-up in Stamps.com. Orders added manually into Stamps will not be imported due to missing order details.

Set up Data Sources in Stamps.com:


  1. Login to Stamps.com account
  2. Click on 'Orders' (or 'batches' if on the legacy system)
  3. Click 'import orders'
  4. Make sure you add the following in Stamps.com before exporting the XML file and buying your postage:
  • Recipient address
  • Description of item(s) being shipped
  • Weight
  • Package dimensions
  • Postage type
  • Tracking number (if applicable)
  • Value of goods

5. Click 'Export':
6. Select the records that you want to export and save as .xml file.

Then export XML for the shipments you want to drop off at Chit Chats.

  • Login to ChitChats.com
  • Click 'Import'
  • Upload XML file

Next, learn how to batch your orders for faster drop-off and pick-up.

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