Chit Chats Insurance is priced based on the insurable value of your shipment. Two factors determine the insurable value:

All eligible postage purchased on the Chit Chats platform is by default, opted into a maximum of $100 USD loss or damage coverage starting at $0.35 CAD.* 

Should the insurable value of the shipment be greater than $100 USD, additional coverage is available for $0.70 CAD per each additional $100 USD.

Ex. A USPS shipment with a declared retail value of $90 USD and postage of $20 USD, would have an insurable value of $110 USD. The cost of the insurance would then be $1.05 CAD.

Maximum insurable values for Chit Chats Insurance will depend on the service used:

  • $800 USD for shipments sent via the U.S. (e.g. USPS, UPS MI & Asendia).
  • $2,500 CAD for Chit Chats Canada Tracked shipments.

*Insurance is not charged tax.

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