Follow the instructions below to import multiple shipments for which you have already purchased postage.

If you need to purchase postage for your shipments, check out one of the available integrations that would be suitable for your needs.

1. Make a copy of our sample Chit Chats CSV file

There are 2 options to make a copy of our sample Chit Chats CSV file available as a Google sheet document.
If you have a Google account, ensure that you are signed in. Select File > Make a copy... menu option.
If you do not have a Google account, select File > Downloads as > Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet) menu option to download a copy of the template on your computer.

2. Add your shipment data to the new document

Add your shipment data to the document by reviewing and following the column requirements (hover over the black triangles in top-right corner of each column header)

It is important to follow each column requirement exactly, or else your import may fail.

List of available columns (the ones marked with bold are required):


  • name: recipient's name
  • address_1: recipient's address street
  • address_2: recipient's address street additional information¬†
  • city: recipient's address city
  • province_code: recipient's address province code (required for U.S. and Canada)
  • postal_code: recipient's address postal code / zip code (required for U.S. and Canada)
  • country_code: recipient's address country code
  • phone: recipient's phone (required for International addresses)
  • description: description of contents (e.g. 3 t-shirts)
  • value_in_usd: retail value in USD
  • package_type: package type value from provided list
  • weight_in_lb: package total weight in pounds
  • postage_type: postage type value from provided list
  • tracking_code: optional tracking code to have complete tracking information on your Chit Chats account

3. Download document as CSV file

You can skip this step if you have chosen the option to download the CSV template as a file on Step 1.

Once all the shipments have been added to the document, download as CSV format from File > Downloads as > Comma-separated values (.csv, current sheet) menu option

4. Upload the file to Chit Chats

Once the file is saved, go to Upload a file page within your account and follow the instructions on screen.

If there are any issues in the sheet formatting then nothing will be imported and error messages will display to help you solve any issues with the sheet.

Check out common errors when importing and how to resolve them.

Once the issues are solved, your shipments will upload and be added to your account, under a new or existing batch (based on what you selected during the import). As you have already provided postage information, all shipments should be in Ready state, which meant they can can be dropped off at one of our locations.

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