Before you begin: Please note that the eBay CSV does not provide all the information that we need. During the import process, you will need to add the Weight, Package Type, and Postage Type for each shipment.

Export data in CSV format from eBay

Step 1. Log in to your eBay File Exchange Center
Step 2. Go to Create a Download Request

Step 3. Select Paid and Shipped for Listings and records
Step 4. Select a Date Range
Step 5. Click Save

Step 6. Return to the File Exchange Center
Step 7. View Completed Downloads
Step 8. Downloaded your CSV file after it's been processed 

Import data into Chit Chats

Step 1. Log in to your Chit Chats account.
Step 2. Go to Import Shipments > Upload a file (I already have postage section)

Step 3. In the File Format drop-down select eBay CSV
Step 4. Click on Choose File and select the exported eBay CSV file

Step 5. Edit the shipments to include Weight, Package Type, and Postage Type. Make sure to select I already have postage when editing Postage.

Step 6. When you are satisfied, click the Import button to start the import process. Once completed, all shipments will be automatically added to a batch.

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