Shipping to the US doesn’t have to involve purchasing USPS postage. With your Chit Chats account you will have an option with the addition of our new carrier: UPS Mail Innovations (UPS MI) for your U.S.-bound packages.

How it works

UPS MI is a partnership that makes use of UPS’s expansive network to reduce handling and speeds up processing by working closely with USPS. UPS handles shipments until the final mile when they are handed off to USPS for delivery. 

For parcels less than 1 lb, rates depend only on weight however, dimensions are required. For parcels 1 lb or greater, rates depend on weight and zone.

Reasons you may want to consider UPS MI for your shipments:

Due to the transportation methods of this carrier, there are stricter limitations on what can be shipped. Please familiarize yourself with the restrictions specific to this carrier before shipping.

How to ship UPS MI with Chit Chats

Purchasing Postage

Our UPS MI service is tailored specifically for parcels, so when purchasing postage through our platform please ensure you select “parcel” as your package type. The corresponding UPS MI rate will appear alongside your other carrier options based on the weight and dimensions entered for the package.

Via New Shipment

Click on New Shipment > Enter recipient information & content details but on the Package step,  be sure to click on My Own Packaging > Parcel.

At the Postage step, rates should appear like below:

Via CSV Import

To access UPS MI rates for your shipments, make sure to indicate the following in your CSV file:

  • package_type = parcel
  • postage_type = ups_mi_expedited

Getting your shipments to us

As with all of the shipment types we accept, your UPS MI packages must be sorted separately from other carriers. In addition, UPS MI shipments should not be packaged in USPS branded shipping supplies. We want to ensure your parcel is sorted correctly to avoid potential delays. We cannot be responsible for any packages that are brought to us unsorted or in the wrong packaging.

If you batch your shipments please note that while multiple carriers may exist within the same batch, shipments must be sorted physically.

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