Interested in shipping with tracking internationally? With your Chit Chats account you now have another way to do so with the addition our new carrier: Asendia International. 

Currently for BC, Ontario and Atlantic clients, with service coming to all locations soon!

How it works

Asendia expedites international packages within the US and has partnered with local carriers in the destination country for the final leg of delivery. By tapping into their vast international network the results are quick and reliable. There will be two Asendia services for you to take advantage of: 

Asendia International Priority Airmail

  • For packages up to 2 kgs
  • With partial tracking to 113 countries

Asendia International Priority Tracked

  • For most countries, packages up to 30 kgs
  • With full tracking and delivery confirmation to 45 countries

Tracking updates available directly in your Chit Chats account or by searching your tracking number at

Reasons you may want to consider Asendia for your shipments:

  • You require tracking for your international shipments - With greater coverage to international destinations than with USPS!
  • Full coverage insurance for Asendia International Priority Tracked
  • Quicker international delivery times
  • Cheaper postage rates (up to 75% savings compared to USPS)
  • Your shipments are TSA-compliant. Due to the transportation methods of this carrier, there may be stricter limitations on what can be shipped. Please familiarize yourself with the restrictions specific to this carrier before shipping.

How to ship Asendia with Chit Chats

Purchasing Postage

  1. Via New Shipment

Create a new shipment as you would normally by clicking on New Shipment  and entering recipient information & package details.


When you are ready to select the postage for your shipment, rates for Asendia should appear as below:

     2. Via CSV Import

To access Asendia International postage, make sure to indicate the following for the "postage_type" field in your CSV file

  • For Asendia International Priority Airmail use : asendia_ipa
  • For Asendia International Priority Tracked use: asendia_priority_tracked

Getting your shipments to us

As with all of the shipment types we accept, your Asendia International packages must be sorted separately from other carriers. We want to ensure your parcel is sorted correctly to avoid potential delays. We cannot be responsible for any packages that are brought to us unsorted.

If you batch your shipments please note that while multiple carriers may exist within the same batch, shipments must be sorted physically.

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