Some shipments are prepared well in advance of when they are to be received by Chit Chats. Depending on your workflow, your clients may not need immediate notification of this.

By default, Chit Chats marks orders in your store as fulfilled and sends tracking notifications to your clients when postage is purchased. However, you can customize when we mark orders as fulfilled (if at all) from within your Chit Chats account.

How to change your shipment fulfilment settings

Login to your Chit Chats account and click on "Settings" (bottom-left) > "Sales Channels"

Connect a store (if you haven't already)

Once you have connected a store, you will be able to see all of the Shipment Fulfillment options that are available.

Select your preferred Shipment Fulfillment option

You can designate Chit Chats to mark orders as fulfilled up to 5 days after postage is purchased. If you prefer to manually update your orders, be sure to tell Chit Chats to "Never" fulfill shipments imported from stores.

Important! Changes to your Shipment Fulfilment settings will only be applied to newly imported shipments.

How to determine the fulfillment status of a shipment

Shipment fulfillment status is available in the shipment details sidebar (right). Just click on a shipment to find out more information.

If you change your mind and no longer want Chit Chats to mark the shipment as fulfilled, you can click on "Do Not Fulfill". Likewise, if you decide after creating a shipment that you now want it to be fulfilled, you can click on "Fulfill Now"

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