If you have a store connected with your Chit Chats account, you have the option to send your recipients either carrier tracking or Chit Chats tracking. Switching to suit your preferences is quick and easy.

  1. Login to your Chit Chats account
  2. Click Settings (bottom-left) > Sales Channels
  3. Connect a store (if needed)
  4. Under Shipment Fulfilment, select the type of tracking you would prefer to send to your recipients.


  • Changes made to tracking preferences will only be applied to newly created shipments. Any changes will not affect shipments which have already been fulfilled or marked to be fulfilled.
  • If carrier tracking is unavailable for the selected postage type, Chit Chats tracking will be substituted. This includes Chit Chats Canada Tracked shipments as carrier tracking is uploaded after Chit Chats receives the shipment.
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