Chit Chats helps connect Canadian entrepreneurs and their customers from far and wide. That’s why our goods and services are subject to federal and provincial sales tax.

Applicable sales tax will be included in the following:

Goods and services that span international borders do not typically have sales taxes applied. This is because international customs agencies will charge separate duties and taxes.

Sales tax will not be applied to the following:

When applicable, taxes will be included in the postage cost when you create shipments in your Chit Chats account. A breakdown of the shipment fees including taxes can be found in the shipment details (right sidebar) found by clicking on the shipment.

Your recipient’s province is what determines the tax rate for postage. Taxes for other goods and services will be dependent on where they were purchased or conducted.

You can find all of the taxes you’ve been charged for postage, goods and services at any time by viewing your transactions page

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