If you have yet to purchase postage for your shipment, you may want to check out what postage expired means.

On the Chit Chats platform, USPS postage is the only postage that expires. Asendia, UPS MI, Chit Chats Canada Tracked and Chit Chats International Standard shipments may be mailed at any point after their creation.*

The date you may see on some USPS postage labels is called the mailing date and it is used to indicate to the carrier when you plan on mailing your shipment. To ensure your postage is never stale-dated, USPS postage created on the Chit Chats platform has a mailing date of one day more than the date you indicate you will get your shipment to us.

To avoid potential delays or issues with your shipment's delivery, it is best to ship your package as close to the mailing date as possible. If several days have passed and you still plan to send your shipment, we recommend refunding and creating new postage for the shipment. 

Note: You will have 28 days from the time of postage creation to request a postage refund. It may take up to 14 business days for USPS to approve the request.

*Some services may only be available for grandfathered accounts. 

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