Drop spots function differently than a branch. They are a 3rd party business that accepts Chit Chats' packages on our behalf. Convenience access fees may apply for using drop spots that vary by drop spot and region. 

Convenience access fees*

Alberta region**
BC region
Quebec region
Atlantic region 

*Plus applicable taxes

To use a drop spot:

  1. You must have a Chit Chats account.
  2. All packages dropped off must be batched (if dropping off more than one package).

Before you arrive at the drop spot:

When you arrive at the drop spot:

Note that there are cut-off times for when your packages will be processed same day by Chit Chats.
**Packages dropped off prior to cut-off times in Alberta drop spots are processed by Chit Chats the next business day. 

If you haven't signed up and want more information reach out to us at support@chitchats.com.

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