To set up your Chit Chats returns account for the processing of U.S.-routed shipments, you will need to navigate to your returns account settings (Settings / Returns).

  1. Select Return to me as your return method and select Chit Chats’ U.S. Return Address as the address you want to use.
  2. Click Set Up Returns Account

3. Download and print the Power of Attorney (POA) document found on the next page.

4. Complete and sign the POA form prior to reuploading it to your account.

5. Select the option for how you want to receive your returns from the drop-down menu. 

6. Submit your application. 

Once you have submitted your application, your returns settings will be fixed. To make any changes, contact with your client ID and your request. 


Returns can only be sent back to Canada for further processing once your returns account has been approved. Provided that the POA is correctly submitted, this approval can take between 15-20 business days. We will notify you once your returns account has been approved.

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