Drop spots function differently than a branch. They are trusted third party businesses that accept shipments on behalf of Chit Chats. Convenience access fees may apply for using drop spots and can vary by drop spot and region.

Convenience Access Fees

Our BC drop spots do not have convenience access fees.

Using our BC Drop Spots

To use one of our BC drop spot locations you must:

  1. Have a Chit Chats account.
  2. Know your client ID.
  3. Consolidate and batch your shipments

Before you arrive at the drop spot

  1. Login to or create your Chit Chats account.
  2. Create and purchase postage for your shipments. Ensure that your shipments are well packaged.
  3. Find and write down your client ID.

When you arrive at the drop spot

Fill in the following details on the Chit Chats Drop Spot Log Sheet:

  • Client ID
  • Drop off date
  • Total number of shipments dropped off

Please note that our drop spots have cut-off times for shipments to be processed the same day by Chit Chats. 

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