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Integrate one or more ShipStation stores with your Chit Chats account and import your shipments into Chit Chats in 5 easy steps.

Note: Importing your orders does not select or buy postage for you. If a particular shipping method is indicated in your store, this information will not be carried in to Chit Chats. After importing, you must go to Pending and select, buy, and print your postage. 

How to connect your store and import shipments

Step 1: Go to Settings (bottom-left) > Click on Sales Channels > Click on Connect ShipStation

Step 2: Follow the link in the popup to determine your API Key and API Secret. You may have to log into your ShipStation account if you haven't already. Copy the key and secret from your ShipStation API Settings page, and enter them into the popup modal:

You will have the option of giving your store a name.

Click on Save.

Step 3: Click the black Import Shipments button (top-left) > Select Import orders from ShipStation store

Step 4: You will see your ShipStation orders ready for importing. These will be your orders "awaiting shipment". You can apply shipping presets or edit shipment details before importing > Click Import Orders

Step 5: Go to the newly created batch or Pending tab to view your imported shipments. From here, you can select, buy, and print your postage.

Congratulations! You have just integrated your ShipStation store with Chit Chats and imported your first round of shipments.

Shipment Fulfillment 

ShipStation does not currently support Chit Chats tracking. This means that our tracking updates are will not be recognized. You will need to mark orders as shipped from within your ShipStation account when using Chit Chats tracking. 

Another option is to change your shipment fulfillment settings to send Carrier tracking. (Settings > Sales Channels > Shipment Fulfillment > Carrier Tracking). This sends carrier tracking updates (when available) and marks your orders as shipped.

If you would like to see change, we recommend submitting a request for Chit Chats integration on ShipStation's website.

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