There are two types of Chit Chats locations where you can drop off shipments: 


These locations are fully owned and operated by Chit Chats with friendly staff available on site to answer any questions and assist with creating shipments. 

Chit Chats branches have self-serve computers, postal scales and label printers to help create and prepare your shipments. Shipping supplies are also available for purchase however, inventory and availability may vary by location.

Drop Spots

Drop spots are locations operated by trusted third party vendors. All shipments must be packaged and pre-labelled prior to dropping off at a drop spot. Self-serve computers, label printers, staff and supplies are not available on site.

Shipments dropped off at a Chit Chats drop spot after the cut-off time will be received and processed the following business day. Convenience access fees may apply.

Where to find a Chit Chats location

Prepared and labelled shipments can easily be dropped off for processing at a Chit Chats location in one of the following regions:

  • Alberta
  • Atlantic Canada
  • British Columbia
  • Ontario
  • Quebec

Use our location tool to find the closest branch or drop spot in your region. 

New Location Requests

If you are not located in one of the above regions there is no need to worry. There are still ways for you to ship with Chit Chats and we are always looking to bring our services to more Canadians. If you would like to see a Chit Chats location in your city, please let us know with the following:

  • Your name and postal code 
  • Your email
  • The number of shipments you send per month
  • The city you would like Chit Chats to come to

If you have a Chit Chats account, subscribe to our mailing listing for updates on new locations and features.

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