The retail value of an item is the price the buyer paid for the goods. Retail values often reflect the market value of the item (i.e. MSRP).

When creating a shipment, you should always declare the retail value of the item(s). If the retail value is unclear, we will be unable to accommodate your shipment. Examples of unclear retail value include shipments containing:

  • Items that have not yet been sold 
  • Items being sent for valuation or grading such as sports cards and other collectibles
  • As the market retail value can only be verified after grading and valuation have taken place, you would be unable to provide an invoice in the case of a compliance check.

Retail value does not mean wholesale where bulk discounts may be taken into account. The material cost of an item is also not an acceptable retail value. The retail value you declare should exclude applicable sales taxes for the purpose of customs declarations.

Please note: Shipments cannot exceed USD $800 in retail value when sent to the U.S. or other international destinations. The maximum retail value for Canadian shipments is CAD $2500.