See also our Batching and Sorting FAQs.

When you have a group of shipments you want to drop off or have picked up by Chit Chats, you can add them to a batch to make processing more efficient. Creating batches allows you to print a label with one barcode that we can scan as pre-acceptance, which lets us know what shipments you will be dropping off or sending to us. The physical acceptance of your shipment will be confirmed during processing. Tracking updates can be found by clicking on any shipment belonging to the batch.

If you are using one of our drop spot locations, all shipments must be batched and consolidated to avoid the potential of additional charges. If you receive a Chit Chats pickup, please note that our drivers only perform the pre-acceptance of your batch. The physical acceptance of your shipments will be confirmed during processing.

Batching through import

If you're using our import feature, you can select to add the shipments into a new or existing pending batch upon import. Alternatively, you can manually select individual shipments to batch after you have imported your shipments.

Manual batching

  1. Select "Pending" in the left side navigation bar
  2. Select all of the shipments you would like to give to Chit Chats
  3. Click "Batch" and select "Add to New Batch"

4. Select "Batches" in the left side navigation bar

5. Click on the Batch Number (i.e: 152). This will bring up the batch you've just created.

6. Click "Print Batch Label"

7. Affix your batch label to your bag, box or gaylord (see example below).  

Avoid using bags when creating batches for your third party courier pickups as they may become damaged during transit. Please consolidate your shipments in a box whenever possible.

All the individual shipments in your batch should be correctly labeled with their postage labels. Ensure you have the correct number of shipments in your batch before you get your shipments to us. You can cross-reference the different mail types with the number on the label. 

Or, to make it easier for sorting, you can create a batch for each type of shipment (i.e.: Canadian, US, International).

Please be aware that batch discrepancies have the potential to delay your shipments. In some cases you may be asked to retrieve your batch and resolve any variances before your shipments can be processed.

Batching via scanning

If you use a label scanner as a part of your workflow, you can make quick work of adding your shipments to a batch. 

  1. Start by clicking on “Scan to Batch” from anywhere within your account.
  2. Scan your existing batch label or click “New Batch” to start from scratch. You’ll have the option to give your batch a name if you choose. 
  3. Begin scanning shipment labels for each shipment you wish to add to your batch.
  4. Or, scan a new batch label to begin scanning into a different batch.

Combining Batches

To combine two or more batches, go to the Batches page (left side bar menu) and select your desired batches. Click the ‘Batch’ option (bottom menu) and combine your batches into a brand new batch with ‘Add to New Batch’. Or combine them with an existing batch using the ‘Add to Batch’ button and select your intended destination batch

Combining batches will transfer all shipments over to the destination batch, leaving the previous batches empty. You can choose to either close these batches or reuse them in the future.

Naming Your Batches

To help stay organized you can give your batches names up to 50 characters in length. Visit your Batches page (left sidebar menu) and click on the batch you would like to name then "Edit Batch" to make changes as needed.

Or, during an import from a CSV or your connected store, you can choose to create and name a new batch to import your shipments into.

The names you give your batches will appear after their unique batch IDs on your Batches page.