As an added convenience for our clients, we provide self-serve computers in all of our branches where you can create and print labels for your shipments. Simply head into a branch and log in to your account to get started. Self-serve computers are not available in our drop spot locations.

Each station is equipped with a computer, postal scale and thermal label printer. Communal supplies such as packing tape, measuring tapes, and scissors are also available for client use. And if you need help, our friendly and knowledgeable staff are on hand to answer your questions.

Best Practices

Using our self-serve computer is free of charge however, we ask that you are respectful of the work space and other clients by following our best practices.

Be mindful of your computer usage

At times our computers may be in high demand. In consideration of all our valued clients we want to ensure that everyone in need of a computer has a chance to access them. If you have a larger volume of shipments to prepare, we recommend creating your shipments at your home or office ahead of time and saving just the labels to print in store if needed.

Remember that your Chit Chats account can be accessed from anywhere and that you can print most postage types from a desktop printer. Chit Chats also sells refurbished thermal label printers, so you can easily get set up to print labels from your home or office!

Arrive well in advance of store close

Our self-serve computers shutdown 30 minutes before store close to allow for the timely processing of the day’s shipments. We advise heading into branch with enough time to complete the printing of your labels before our computers shutdown.

Only shipments ready for processing will be accepted during the last half hour of operation. To avoid possible delays, please make sure that:

  • Shipments are well packaged, with the appropriate postage applied
  • Invoices are included when required
  • Shipment and batch information is accurately represented in your account (i.e. shipment descriptions, piece counts, etc.)

Remember to log out of all accounts at the end of your session

Similar to a bank account, your Chit Chats account contains funds and sensitive information that you want to protect. We strongly suggest logging out and closing down the browser at the end of your visit.

Refrain from eating or drinking

Please help ensure that everyone who uses our terminals can enjoy a clean workspace.