This service is retiring Monday, May 15, 2023.

Returns for UPS Mail Innovations (UPS MI) shipments follow the same basic journey as other U.S. or international returns. However, there are a few additional points you should be aware of.

Our UPS MI service does not include coverage for return postage. This means that additional postage must be paid if the shipment is undeliverable and return service is initiated.

UPS MI returns will be sent to a U.S. post office using an economical postal service. Returns are then released upon the payment of the outstanding postage or "postage due". However, this can mean:

  • A longer transit time for the return
  • The cost of return postage may be greater than the original postage cost

Once released, UPS MI returns are then sent to our U.S. facilities for processing as with other U.S. returns.

Charges for postage due are in addition to return fees. This will be applied to your Chit Chats account as a return postage due fee once we process your return. You can always check your transactions to see your returns charges.

All return shipments must be able to be associated with a Chit Chats account (either with client ID or client account name). If a return is unidentifiable or cannot be associated with an account, it will be disposed of or rejected.