If you are interested in finding out more about the postage rates we offer, please see the appropriate rate card for your region.

Chit Chats charges a fee of $0.25 and up per shipment, to bring packages across the U.S. border from Canada and induct them directly into the United States Postal Service (USPS) or other U.S. carriers. There are many variables that dictate the postage fees of each shipment but rest assured, we're here to help you find you the cheapest rate.


  • $0.25 if it weighs 3.5 oz or less and is a standard letter envelope size

*Must contain an actual letter or paper document(s) and not product (e.g., not trading cards)


  • $0.65 if it weighs 1 lb or less
  • $0.85 if between 1-70 lbs
  • Must be in an envelope (e.g., not a box)


  • $0.85 if it is media mail and weighs 5 lbs or less
  • $0.85 if it weighs 1 lb or less
  • $1.00 if it weighs between 1-4.99 lbs
  • $2.00 if it weighs between 5-9.99 lbs
  • $3.50 if it weighs between 10-14.99 lbs
  • $5.00 if it weighs between 15-19.99 lbs
  • $6.50 if it weighs between 20-24.99 lbs
  • $8.50 if it weighs between 25-29.99 lbs
  • $12.50 if it weighs between 30-39.99 lbs

Contact us for pricing on parcels over 40 lbs. All delivery fees are displayed in CAD. 

How to Pay for Delivery Fees

Delivery fees are charged at the time of postage purchase. If you are providing postage for your shipments, you will need to pay your delivery fees prior to dropping off your shipments to Chit Chats. To do this, go to your pending tab and select the shipments you want to pay for. At the bottom of the page, click “Pay for Shipments” and the available credit on your account will be applied for your delivery fees.

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