In order for Chit Chats to be able to bring back and process your returned shipments, a small service fee is charged. Other fees may apply for additional services such as mailing returned shipments to your location. Shipments that are returned due to insufficient postage will also be charged postage due upon their return. 

U.S. and international shipments using Chit Chats’ U.S. return address can be brought back into Canada and returned to you for a fee. 

  • Atlantic region $7 per shipment
  • Quebec region $6 per shipment
  • Ontario, BC and Alberta regions $5 per shipment 

For Chit Chats Canada Tracked shipments, the service fee for the return will be the same as the cost of the original postage. Chit Chats International Standard shipments will not be charged a service fee.

Currently, we do not offer a relabelling service for undeliverable shipments returned to our U.S. facilities. Shipments received in one of our facilities will be processed and the applicable service fees will be charged. Alternatively, you can manage your own returns or dispose of your U.S. returns at no charge.

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