If you would like to manage your own U.S. returns, you will need to add your own U.S. return address to your Chit Chats account. You can even save multiple U.S. return addresses to switch between. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate Canadian return addresses for U.S. or Canadian shipments.

Using your own return address will ensure that returned U.S. shipments will be sent to this address and not one of Chit Chats’ facilities. You will not be charged service fees for returned shipments that you manage yourself.

Adding or Changing your US Return Address

Click on Settings (bottom-left) > Shipping > Under Return Addresses, click "Add Return Address"

When adding a new return address you will be asked to give it a label for your reference. As you are able to add multiple return addresses, labels are a helpful way to keep them organized. Please note: label must be lowercase and free from spaces for compatibility with our import functions.

Important: You must update your return address information before you create a shipment for the changes to take effect. If you change your return address after you have started a shipment, you will need to delete it and start again for the new return address to be applied.

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