The following instructions are provided for troubleshooting the Dymo LabelWriter™ 4XL. Please contact us if you are trying to troubleshoot a different model or label printer to work with our platform.

QZ Tray can't find my printer

If your printer isn't showing up in Step 2 of the Printer Setup guide, your printer might not be installed correctly. Follow the installation instructions that came with your printer, make sure the USB cable is plugged in, and ensure proper drivers are installed.

Visit the Dymo Support Site and download/install the latest Dymo Label Software that corresponds to your operating system. Then return to our Printer Setup and refresh the page. You should now see your Dymo printer in the printer list on Step 2.

Labels are printing offset

Make sure you have the latest driver installed. Then check that the label spool is positioned in place and labels are wrapped tightly.