You can set up your Chit Chats account to import your orders from Amazon in just 6 easy steps. Our Amazon integration supports connecting multiple Amazon stores serving different marketplaces. Find all of our store integration options here

  1. Log in to your Chit Chats account and navigate to your Settings (bottom left). Click on Sales Channels > Connect Amazon Store. Or click on Import (top left) > Connect a Store > Connect Amazon Store.
  2. Go to Click on Sign into your developer account. Log in with your Amazon Seller credentials.
  3. Go to your developer Settings (top-right). Click on User Permissions > Manage Your Apps. Or visit Click on Authorize new developer.
  4. Enter the details below and click Next:
    • Developer Name: Chit Chats
    • Developer ID: 8839-1333-1699
  5. Follow the listed instructions and copy your Seller ID (Merchant Token) and MWS Auth Token. Input this information back in your Chit Chats account settings and click Save.
  6. Choose the Amazon marketplace associated with your seller account and give it a nickname to help you identify it (optional). 
    • Each marketplace will require its own store connection in your Chit Chats account. For example, if you have an Amazon seller account serving both the U.S. and Canada, two stores will need to be added.

Congratulations! You have just integrated your Amazon store with Chit Chats. You’re now ready to import orders from your store.

You can also choose when to fulfill your Amazon orders and mark them as shipped by sending carrier tracking to your store. Learn more on how to change your store fulfillment settings.

Integrating your store will not display live Chit Chats shipping rates to your customers but many Chit Chats clients find it helpful to create standard shipping rates for their items based on our pricing. If you experience difficulty with connecting your account, please contact us with your client ID.