Chit Chats offers API access to those looking to automate their workflows and to purchase Chit Chats postage through their own platform. The Chit Chats API allows you to create and buy postage for shipments from your website as well as to pass through tracking updates and available postage rates to your buyers.

To gain access to the Chit Chats API, you will need to obtain your access token. To do this, simply log in to your Chit Chats account and head to API Access Tokens in your Account Settings (Settings > Account > Scroll down to view 'Access Tokens'). Click to create your access token.

Instructions to complete the API set-up can be found in our public API documentation which you can also find linked in your account. 

Customizing the API to your specifications will require development on your end, however we do offer support for any bugs or issues you encounter while using the API. Be sure to subscribe to our site status for real-time updates on the API system performance.