This feature is currently in beta testing. If you are interested in testing this feature, please contact us with your client ID.

Find out how to create or cancel a mail-in here.

What’s the difference between a mail-in and a third party pickup?

Our mail-in and third party courier pickup services are both great options for getting your shipments to us if you don’t live near a Chit Chats location. Our courier pickups give you the option to schedule a Canpar pickup for your consolidated shipments right from your location. Meanwhile our mail-in option gives you the freedom of dropping off your consolidated shipment anywhere there’s a Canada Post office or mailbox.

Where can I drop off my mail-in?

Please only create and drop off your mail-in once you have finished preparing your individual shipments. After you have consolidated your batched shipments and affixed the label to your mail-in you can drop it off at any post office or postal mailbox in your origin postal code. However, it is important to ensure that you are using the correct origin postal code to avoid potential postage adjustments.

We suggest that you drop off your consolidated shipments within seven (7) days of creating your mail-in. If you are not yet ready to drop off your mail-in consider cancelling it and creating a new one closer to when you plan on dropping off.

Can I arrange for a mail-in to be picked up from my location?

If you would prefer to have your consolidated shipments picked up from your location, we suggest using our third party courier pickup service. Rather than dropping off shipments to our partner carrier, you can instead schedule a day for your shipments to be picked up from your location. Same-day pickups may be available in some areas but are not guaranteed. Pickups are not available on weekends or some holidays.

I made an error with my mail-in. How can I correct this?

If you made a mistake when creating your mail-in, you can cancel the mail-in at any time before dropping it off with our partner carrier, Canada Post. Once you have cancelled the mail-in, the  fees will be returned to your account immediately and you can start creating a new mail-in. If your mail-in is already on the way to Chit Chats, please contact us as soon as possible. We will try our best to help you resolve the issue once it arrives. Unfortunately, we cannot intercept mail-ins that are already in transit.

When will my mail-in be delivered to Chit Chats?

You can find an estimated delivery date for your consolidated shipments in the details for your mail-in. This date is based on distance but typically ranges between one and three business days. Estimated delivery dates are not guaranteed and there may be times when there are delays due to unexpected circumstances beyond our control (i.e. inclement weather, operational challenges, etc.).

How is the cost of my mail-in calculated?

The cost of your mail-in is determined by the weight and dimensions of your consolidated shipment as well as the distance between your origin postal code and the Chit Chats branch for your region.

  • AB - Calgary
  • AC - Atlantic Screen Printing drop spot (Dartmouth)
  • BC - Richmond
  • ON - Pickering
  • QC - Montreal

Please note that the greater of actual weight or dimensional weight will be used to calculate the rate. This means that you will want to consolidate your shipments carefully to prevent large dimensions from inflating the cost of your mail-in. To calculate dimensional weight: (L*W*H) / 5000, L, W, H in cm.

It is best to consolidate your shipments in strong and secure packaging like a box to keep your packages protected. Please also remember to add all of your consolidated shipments to a batch to keep them organized.

Remember that it is your responsibility to accurately declare the weight and dimensions of your packages. Misrepresenting the details of your shipment may cause insufficient postage for your consolidated shipment and you may incur a postage adjustment. Our partner carrier follows the practices and regulations set out in the Canadian Weight & Measures Act.

How can I track my mail-in?

A carrier tracking number will be provided for your consolidated mail-in shipments. After creating your mail-in, you will find this number under your mail-in package details and on the label for your shipments. To track your shipment, click on the tracking number in your account or enter your tracking number here.

Is there insurance for my mail-in? Can I add insurance?

In the case of loss or damage, basic carrier insurance is included. Chit Chats Insurance cannot be added to mail-ins at this time. Our partner carrier provides coverage up to $100 CAD for consolidated shipments. Claims must be filed directly through our website.

Can I change the delivery or return address for my mail-in?

Your mail-in will be delivered to the address of the Chit Chats hub for your region. If you need to update this, please update your Chit Chats region.

The return address for your mail-in is based on the address that you’ve saved in your Chit Chats account. To update this address, please update the address in your account settings. By default, your origin postal code will match the postal code in your return address. If you are planning on dropping off your mail-ins in a different postal code, please update your origin postal code when creating a new mail-in.

My mail-in was returned to me. What do I do?

If your mail-in was not delivered to Chit Chats and was returned to you, please check the package for any notes from the carrier and contact us so we can investigate the matter.

Can I mail-in with another carrier or courier?

If you would prefer to mail-in your shipments to us or schedule a pickup with the third party of your choice, you may do so. Just make sure to add your individual shipments to a batch in your Chit Chats account before getting them to us. You will need to address your consolidated shipment to the Chit Chats hub for your region. Please write the branch name and 'mail-in' e.g. "Chit Chats Richmond MAIL-IN". Some couriers that our clients prefer are:

  • Day & Ross / Sameday
  • FedEx (Canada)
  • UPS (Canada)
  • DHL
  • Purolator
  • PX Courier