This feature is currently in beta testing. If you are interested in testing this feature, please contact us with your client ID.

After creating and purchasing postage for your individual shipments, your next step is to get them to your nearest Chit Chats location. You can get your shipments to Chit Chats by:

If you are located outside of our service area or unable to get to one of our locations scheduling a courier pickup or mailing in your shipments are great alternatives.  

How to Get an Estimate for a Mail-in

To get an estimate click on 'Mail in Your Shipments' (left sidebar), then 'New Mail-in'. Here you will be asked to confirm a few details about the mail-in. Enter in the following information:

  1. Delivery and Return addresses
  2. Origin postal code
  3. Consolidated package details
  4. Then click 'Calculate Rate'

You will receive a summary including the carrier we’ve partnered with for your mail-in and the cost. This rate is based on the origin postal code and consolidated package details you’ve entered. From here you can decide to purchase the mail-in or save it for later. Or you can change the details to get a new estimate. Just click on ‘Save and Refresh Rates’.

Creating a Mail-in

To begin creating your mail-in, login to your account and click on ‘Mail in Your Shipments’ (left sidebar), then ‘New Mail-In’. Here you will be asked to confirm a few details about the mail-in.

Delivery Address

Your consolidated packages will be delivered to a Chit Chats branch for processing. This address cannot be altered and will be determined by your Chit Chats region.

  • AB - Calgary
  • AC - Atlantic Screen Printing drop spot (Dartmouth)
  • BC - Richmond
  • ON - Pickering
  • QC - Montreal

Return Address

This address is displayed on the shipping label for your mail-in and is only used as the return address if there is a problem delivering to our location. By default, this will be the address saved in your Chit Chats account. If you would prefer to use another address, you can change your return address by updating the information in your account settings.

Origin Postal Code

This is the postal code for the post office or postal mailbox that you will use for mailing-in. By default, this is set to the postal code in your return address or the last postal code entered. 

The origin postal code is used when calculating the rate for your mail-in. You may receive a postage adjustment for an incorrect rate if this information is inaccurate. You can find the correct postal code for your local Canada Post office here.

Consolidated Package Details

In order to create your mail-in, you will need to enter the size and weight of your consolidated package. It is best to consolidate your shipments in strong and secure packaging like a box to keep your packages protected. Please avoid using bags for consolidating your shipments. You should also create a batch for your shipments whenever you mail-in.

Remember that it is your responsibility to accurately declare the weight and dimensions of your packages. Misrepresenting the details of your shipment may cause insufficient postage for your consolidated shipment and you may incur a postage adjustment. Our partner carrier follows the practices and regulations set out in the Canadian Weight & Measures Act.

Confirming Your Mail-In

Once you have finished entering the details for your package, you can save your progress and calculate the rate for your mail-in. Here you will also find a quick summary including:

  • The carrier handling the delivery of your mail-in
  • The total cost of the mail-in*

Please take a moment to confirm these details before clicking ‘Buy and Print Mail-in Label’ as this action will charge your account for the mail-in. If you wish to complete your mail-in at another time, your progress will be saved until you are ready to continue. 

After paying, you will be able to print the mail-in label from our partner carrier and review all of the details. Make sure that you’ve labelled and prepared your consolidated package ahead of dropping them off to your post office or postal mailbox.

*Rates are based on the greater of actual weight or dimensional weight.

Cancelling a Mail-In

To cancel a Mail-In, click the ‘Cancel Mail-In’ button found on the details page. 

Important! When you cancel mail-in postage you are confirming that any previously printed postage was never used. Refunds cannot be requested for mail-ins that are in transit.

After cancelling a mail-in, the fees will be immediately refunded to your account. The status of all your mail-ins can be viewed from the main page at any time.

For more information on our Mail-in service, please see our frequently asked questions.