Canadian shipping is not available for personal accounts

Due to the increase in holiday shipping volumes and the COVID-19 safety measures in place this year, Canada Post has mandated volume limits for many shipping partners, including Chit Chats, until the New Year. As a result, we anticipate delays with our Canada Tracked Service which uses Canada Post for the final delivery.

Our Chit Chats Domestic Tracked service is an alternative to allow our clients to continue shipping within Canada with minimal impacts caused by the Canada Post capacity mandate.

How it Works

Our Domestic Tracked service partners with Sprintstar to handle the final delivery to your customers and features:

  • The same low-cost pricing and estimated delivery times as our Canada Tracked service
  • Full tracking with delivery confirmation from the moment we receive and scan your shipments
  • $100 CAD of carrier insurance and is eligible for Chit Chats Insurance

Due to the transportation methods of this carrier, there may be limitations on what can be shipped. Please familiarize yourself with the restrictions specific to this carrier before shipping.

Check out our frequently asked questions for more information on this service.

How to access Chit Chats Domestic Tracked for your shipments

Chit Chats Domestic Tracked is only available for eligible Canadian shipments. When creating your shipments, either Canada Tracked or Domestic Tracked will be available.

  • If creating shipments manually, simply enter a Canadian delivery address and our platform will display the best postage service for your shipment. 
  • If you import your shipments, please continue to use chit_chats_canada_tracked as your postage type. If Canada Tracked is unavailable for your shipment, Domestic Tracked postage will automatically be selected for you.
  • If you use our API, no updates are required. Domestic Tracked postage will automatically be selected for you if the Canada Tracked rate is unavailable.

Once you’ve successfully created your shipments, buy and print your postage as you normally would before dropping off your shipments to us.

Getting your shipments to us

We want to ensure your parcel is sorted correctly to avoid potential delays. Your Chit Chats Domestic Tracked packages should be grouped together with your other Canadian shipments but separate from other carriers. 

We cannot be responsible for any shipments that are brought to us unsorted or packaged incorrectly.

If you batch your shipments, multiple carrier types may be in the same batch however, the physical shipments must be sorted by carrier.