We are committed to helping Canadian entrepreneurs live their dreams but we haven’t been able to bring a Chit Chats location to each and every one of you just yet! 

Our work continues to offer more access points in key metropolitan cities across Canada however this takes time. As we look to open new locations, there are a few ways you can let us know that you want us to bring Chit Chats closer to you.

Submit a New Location Request

Feedback is our fuel and whether you’re an existing Chit Chats member or a future entrepreneur looking to ship, we’d love for you to tell us where you’d like to see us next. Simply fill out this form with:

  • Your name, address and postal code 
  • Your email
  • The number of shipments you send per month
  • The city you would like Chit Chats to come to
    • Providing a specific neighbourhood or main intersection is even better!

If you have a Chit Chats account, be sure to subscribe to our mailing listing for updates on new locations and features. And don’t forget to share with your friends and family!

Host a Drop Spot

Do you have a retail storefront or street-level office? Want to increase foot traffic and earn some extra money that you can put towards shipping or rent? Consider being a Chit Chats drop spot partner. Our current plans for new drop spot locations will focus on metropolitan areas.

Requirements for becoming a drop spot vendor:

  • At least 100 square feet of street-level space 
  • Consistent weekday hours (e.g. Monday to Friday, 10:00 am - 6:00 pm)
  • Friendly staff who can receive packages and direct clients to our support team for help

We provide you with the training, collateral and equipment you need to get started. Plus you’ll get a commission for every package you receive. If you are interested in hosting a drop spot, contact us with details on the requirements listed above and one of our representatives will reach out if there is an opportunity to explore.

For the curious, Chit Chats would consider opening a new drop spot location for volumes upwards of 150 shipments a day and a new branch for volumes over 1000 shipments a day.