Save time while creating shipments with similar details by duplicating a shipment. You may want to duplicate a shipment if you have:

  • Multiple shipments to be sent to the same address 
  • Repeat customer orders
  • Voided shipments that you would like to recreate

Duplicated shipments will share all of the same details as the original shipment including address, item description, package type and postage type (if available). If you are creating shipments of standard weight and dimensions that need to be sent to different addresses, you may benefit from using our shipping presets instead.

How to duplicate a shipment

To duplicate a shipment, select a shipment in any state and click on Other in the action bar at the bottom of the page. In the menu, click on Duplicate to make a copy of the shipment.

Your duplicated shipment will appear under your pending tab in either the unpaid or incomplete state. From here, you will be able to edit or purchase the shipment as you normally would. 

You may notice that by selecting multiple shipments the duplicate action will become unavailable. Please note that only one shipment can be duplicated at a time.

If you have a number of shipments that you would like to duplicate, we recommend exporting these shipments from your All Shipments tab and re-importing them using the Chit Chats CSV import template.