Note: this guide is for Windows as the software we recommend is available for Windows computers.

Although Chit Chats currently only supports ZPL thermal printers, there is a way to connect your non-ZPL thermal printer if you are working on a Windows computer.

Printing using Bullzip

Please make sure that your printer settings are set to use 4" x 6" labels

1. Install Bullzip PDF Printer from

2. Once Bullzip is installed, open Bullzip Options

3. Update the General settings to the following:

4. Update the Dialogs settings to the following:

5. Update the Actions settings to the following:

6. Once completed, return to the Printer Setup page. There, select Bullzip PDF Printer and make sure the printing format is set to Image:

7. Print a test label and a PDF file will be generated. Open the file and update the printing settings to the following:

8. Your file is ready to print on non-ZPL thermal printers.