If you are interested in learning more about postage rates, please see our pricing page.

We charge a delivery fee to bring any shipments to our partner carriers in the U.S. This is in addition to the postage for your shipments.

Postage rates are determined by the service selected along with package weight and dimensions. Delivery fees are determined by the packaging and the greater of actual or dimensional weight.

Delivery fees start at $0.25 per shipment and are displayed in CAD. There are no taxes charged on delivery fees.

Delivery fees may vary by Chit Chats region.

How to Pay for Delivery Fees

Delivery fees are charged at the time of postage purchase. You need to pay for delivery fees prior to dropping off your shipments to Chit Chats. To do this, go to your pending tab and select the shipments you want to pay for. At the bottom of the page, click ‘Pay for Shipments’ and the available credit on your account will be used to pay for your delivery fees.