When you have multiple shipments that are ready to be dropped off to Chit Chats you will need to consolidate them. Consolidating your shipments means that you will group and prepare these individual shipments into a larger container or box before getting them to us. You should consolidate your shipments any time you:

Consolidating will ensure your shipments remain together until they have been processed by Chit Chats. When done effectively, consolidating shipments can save you money on postage, pickup and drop spot access fees.

Create a batch for your consolidated shipments so you have a record of which shipments belong together. Your batch label can also be used to identify your consolidated shipments. Always secure this batch label to the outside of your consolidated package(s). 

Tips for consolidating shipments

  • Select the right packaging for consolidating your shipments. The packaging should fit your shipments well and should protect your items during transportation. 
  • Avoid using bags to consolidate for your courier pickups as bags can be easily damaged or ripped in transit.
  • Avoid packaging air! Using large, voluminous packaging can unnecessarily inflate postage and pickup costs.
  • When visiting one of our drop spot locations, you may be charged an access fee per consolidated package. Not consolidating your shipments may result in a fee per shipment. To prevent this, try to consolidate your shipments in as few packages as possible.
  • If your packages cannot all fit into one container due to the number of shipments, you may consolidate them into multiple containers.
  • Make use of naming your batches to keep multiple consolidated packages organized with the date and box number. e.g. Feb 8 - Box 1 of 2, Feb - Box 2 of 2.
  • Importing shipments from multiple stores or sources? You can quickly combine your batches into one batch for your consolidated shipments.

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