This step of the import is optional and can be by-passed without editing by selecting Import at the bottom of the page.

Shipping presets are a useful way to apply common or repetitive changes for a number of shipments you wish to update simultaneously.

How to create a preset

In your settings

Go to Settings (left menu) > Shipping > Shipping Presets (bottom) > New Preset

During a shipment import

Import shipments > Select Shipments > Apply Shipping Preset > Add New Preset

  1. Give your preset a name for your reference
  2. Select the fields you wish to define for your preset and add information
  3. Save your preset. You can edit or delete your saved presets at any point.

This feature will allow you to alter the following shipment attributes in any combination:

  • Type of contents
  • Description of contents
  • Retail value
  • Customs Tax Reference Number
  • Package
  • Weight
  • Size
  • Postage
  • Ship date
  • Signature confirmation*
  • Insurance*

*Editing these options may incur additional charges.

Selecting the Cheapest Postage Rate

For your eligible U.S. shipments, you may create a preset to automatically select the cheapest postage type for you. Under the Postage option, simply select Yes, automatically select the cheapest postage to ensure you don't miss out on the best rate for your U.S. shipments.

Applying Presets

To use one of your shipping presets, simply Import Shipments, and select the shipments you wish to alter with your preset. You will be asked if you would like to Apply a Shipping Preset or edit the shipments in bulk.


  • Applying presets will overwrite previous edits. However, further edits can be made once a preset has been applied.
  • Presets are only available upon importing shipments, and cannot be applied to existing pending shipments.
    • Presets cannot be applied to update content descriptions and retail values for your international shipments. This is because you must provide a detailed customs description including specific quantity and retail value for each item in every international shipment you import.
  • If you apply a preset to your shipment we'll record the original description from your connected store or CSV import in the shipment menu for your reference.