Of course! We provide a handy shipping calculator on our pricing page and in your Chit Chats account so you can quickly and easily get a quote for your shipment.

Chit Chats Pricing Page

To use the shipping calculator for a quick quote, you will need to provide an origin province, a destination country and to select a sample item size or provide custom measurements.

For a more accurate estimate, you will need to know the exact weight and dimensions of your shipment as well as the destination address. Once you've entered these details, click Get Estimate to see the available rates for your shipment.

Your Personal Shipping Calculator

Find your shipping calculator in the left menu in your Chit Chats account. Once on the page, enter the destination country and postal code, select the package type and enter measurements for your shipment to get an accurate rate.

If you're looking to ship to some place new, you may need to enter "Advanced" address details like the street address, city and province or state to pinpoint the destination for an accurate rate.

A tip for if you don't know the specific address of where you'll be shipping your item: search the address of a library in the city you will be shipping to. While this won't provide the exact price estimate for your item, it will give you a good idea of what it may cost. If you need assistance with getting an accurate quote or would like to learn more about our pricing, please contact us.

Service availability may vary. Please note that all shipping quotes are estimates and are subject to change. Remote regions may incur additional costs.