Canada is a vast country with great diversity between its regions but in some cases, this can pose challenges for different types of delivery addresses.

Remote & Rural Addresses

It can often be difficult to carry out mail delivery to remote addresses, particularly those in rural and northern parts of Canada, due to their limited transportation links. In turn carriers may choose not to service these areas or charge additional transportation and handling fees. Delivery times may also be extended for the same reasons.

These added transportation fees will have an impact on postage costs and you may see an increase in our Chit Chats Canada Tracked postage rates to these remote destinations:

  • Newfoundland
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nunavut
  • Yukon

Chit Chats Collect postage and Chit Chats Select postage are currently unavailable for these regions as well as Rural Remote addresses (often indicated by a RR or LCD found in the receipient's address). 

Example of RR or LCD address
First Last Name
RR 4 LCD Main
City, Province  Postal Code

Please visit Canada Post's website for tips on formatting Rural Route addresses.

Post Office (PO) Box Addresses

As the name suggests, these delivery addresses coincide with Canada Post offices. As such, other carriers may be unable to deliver shipments to these addresses. For example, Chit Chats Select and Chit Chats Collect are not suitable for PO box addresses.

PO boxes often follow a specific addressing format but there are also rules for when the PO box coincides with a civic address. Please visit Canada Post’s website for tips on how to format your PO box address to ensure a smooth delivery.

While the Chit Chats platform works to identify PO box addresses to provide you with the best postage options for your shipments, there may be some addresses that we miss. You can do a quick check yourself. If the recipient address includes the following, it may indicate a PO box address:

  • PO
  • Postal Box
  • P.O. Box
  • RPO
  • Box (followed by a number)
  • 99900 (Canada Post Flex Delivery Address)