Shipping to Canada too expensive? Reach your Canadian customers for less with Chit Chats Select. This service uses a network of trusted delivery partners to provide competitive rates and keep delivery times quick for your Canada bound shipments. The last mile delivery is handled by courier.

Chit Chats Select is the ideal service for your customers in metropolitan areas. And you can ship to apartment addresses by including a buzzer number in the second address line. We recommend selecting another one of our Canadian services for deliveries to PO boxes, letter carrier depots, rural route addresses or fulfillment centres.

Select does not service delivery to PO boxes, letter carrier depots (LCD) or rural route (RR) addresses.  


Service Features

Chit Chats Select postage has you covered with the following features:

FeaturesFully TrackedDelivery in 2-8 Business DaysChit Chats Insurance AvailableReturn Service
Special FeaturesDelivery Confirmation

Chit Chats Returns Labels*

*The maximum allowable dimensions for Chit Chats Return labels differ from those of our Chit Chats Select service.

Check out our shipping calculator to get a quote for your shipment.


Chit Chats Select is an ideal service for shipments destined to major cities and shipments between 0.1 to 65 pounds. Please also note the maximum dimensions for this service to avoid surcharges for oversized shipments.

  • Length, width and height measurements must all be less than 40 inches

To keep shipments safe and moving smoothly, there are limitations on the types of items that you can send with this service. Please refer to our partner carrier’s restrictions for more information.

Buying Postage

There are two ways to buy Chit Chats Select for your shipments:

  1. “Create a Shipment” one at a time in your account
  2. Import multiple shipments via a connected store, the Chit Chats CSV or API

Shipping to an apartment? Be sure to include your customer’s buzzer number on Address Line 2 of the recipient details. Doing so will help prepare your shipment for a smooth delivery and prevent failed deliveries where shipments may need to be returned to you. 

If you need to send your shipment to a PO box address or Amazon Fulfillment Centres (FBA), we recommend using our Chit Chats Canada Tracked postage option. 

You’ll need to select a compatible package type to ensure you receive the right postage rate. Chit Chats Select is compatible with your shipments packaged in thick envelopes and parcels.

If you create shipments one at a time you'll select the package type under the Package step.

If you import shipments from your store, save time by updating your shipping presets. If you import your shipments with a CSV or API connection, you’ll need to use the following inputs for the importer:

Having trouble? Read our troubleshooting tips?

Once you’re happy with the details for returns and insurance, you can select the shipments you want postage for and click on “Pay for Shipment”. Now you’re ready to print your postage labels! Be sure to apply them to your packages with some of our best practices for packaging, like ensuring your barcode is visible on a flat area of the package.

Sending Your Shipments

Once your shipments are ready to get to a Chit Chats, you’ll want to take a moment to get organized and sort them with any of our other Canadian postage types:

Batching is the way to go when you have a lot of shipments to send. Stay organized and receive simultaneous acceptance scans on your tracking when you use a batch label.

After our team receives and processes your shipments, you’ll want to share the tracking details with your customers. Learn how to track your shipments here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where can I ship with Chit Chats Select?

With Chit Chats Select, you can send shipments to most Canadian addresses including apartments where a buzzer number is available. This service is best suited for residential and business delivery addresses in metropolitan areas. Please note, there may be limitations or additional costs and transit time for deliveries to remote addresses

If you need to send your shipment to a PO box, LCD or RR address or to an Amazon Fulfillment Centre (FBA), we recommend using our Chit Chats Canada Tracked postage option.

Will my shipment be safe-dropped?

If the delivery address is suitable for a safe drop, your shipment will be left in a secure location for your customer when they are unavailable during a delivery. For deliveries to commercial buildings and offices, packages will be delivered either to the front desk or the end customer. 

If a safe location is not available, our partner will reattempt delivery the following business day. Your tracking page will always have the latest delivery updates.

Is signature confirmation available?

No, signature confirmation service is not available for Chit Chats Select postage.

Can I send letters with Chit Chats Select?

No, this service is designed specifically for thick envelopes and parcels. If you select the letter or flat envelope package type you won’t see Chit Chats Select in your postage options. We recommend using our Chit Chats Slim service as this service is designed for lightweight shipments.

Can I refund unused postage?

Yes, if you change your mind or your customer cancels an order you can request a refund for the unused postage label. Your refund will be processed immediately.

Do fuel surcharges apply?

Yes, Chit Chats Select postage is subject to fuel surcharges. You'll find the fuel surcharge amount in the cost breakdown (sidebar menu) for your shipment and during the "Postage" step when purchasing your postage.

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