If you have many shipments to upload at once, check out our options that will save you time.

Yes, you can easily create, buy and print postage for individual shipments. When you log into your Chit Chats account, go to the ‘Shipments’ page. Click on the "Create a Shipment" button located in the top left corner.

You will be asked to accurately describe your shipment and its contents step by step. Be sure to provide the following details for each shipment you create:

  • Recipient address information
  • Item description (must be specific and detailed) and retail value of the contents
    • Must be provided in English, a second language is optional. This is because English is the designated language of our international shipping partners which also include any U.S. bound shipments.
    • Use semicolons ";" to separate multiple items in your descriptions on separate lines
    • Indicate the quantity if there is more than one. For example: 2 t-shirts; 1 umbrella
  • Package type e.g. envelope, parcel
  • Weight and dimensions of the shipment
  • Country of origin (optional) 
  • HS Code
    • HS codes are required for USPS international shipments & military addresses. If you have multiple items in your shipment an HS code is required for each item. 
    • Find resources on HS codes
    • Optional for Chit Chats International Tracked shipments but we highly recommend adding an accurate HS code to optimize your shipment’s transit

For some international shipments, you may be required to provide additional information such as the recipient phone number or a tax reference number for customs purposes.

Editing Shipments

If you ever need to edit any of the above details before buying your postage, simply click on the shipment then click "Edit" beside the section you wish to update. You can also edit shipments in bulk.

If you've already purchased your postage, you may request a refund of your unused postage.

Deleting Shipments

If you no longer wish to send a particular shipment, you can easily delete it from your pending shipments. To delete a shipment, highlight it and click on "Other" > "Delete" from the options at the bottom of the page. This will remove any shipment fees from your Unpaid fees.