Carriers often enforce strict weight limits for shipments. In some cases this may include the dimensional weight of the shipment. In order to prevent delays or inaccurate postage amounts, please ensure that your shipment falls within the allowable limits.

US Shipments

Adding dimensions gives you access to the best pricing and may be required in order to receive a postage rate.

CarrierMaximum DimensionsMaximum Weight
USPSMay vary by service and package typeShipments must not exceed 70 lbs
Chit Chats U.S. TrackedL + (2* W + 2* H) < 108 in
For thick envelopes, any one dimension must not exceed 18" when weight is greater than 1 lb
UPS Mail Innovations*L + (2* W + 2* H) < 130 in
Dimensions must be provided in order to get a postage rate
Chit Chats U.S. Economy Tracked*L + (2* W + 2* H) < 50 inShipments must not exceed 15 lb in weight and dim wt
Rates for shipments under 1lb or greater than 10 lb may be unavailable for some destinations

You can use this formula to calculate dimensional weight (in lbs) for your U.S. shipments:

Sample calculations for U.S. shipments:

International Shipments

Weight and dimensional limits vary by destination country and can change without notice. Please refer to the USPS International Mail Manual as a guideline for the requirements of each destination.

CarrierMaximum DimensionsMaximum WeightNotes
USPSMay vary by countryShipments must not exceed 70 lbsFirst Class International shipments limited to 4 lbs
Asendia International Priority TrackedMay vary by country but typically:
(L + W + H) < 900 mm
L <= 27, W <= 15, H <=15 in
L <= 42.5, W <= 4, H <=4 in
Shipments must not exceed 30 kgShipments 1 oz (the starting rate) must be rounded up to 1 oz. Otherwise the rate may not be displayed.
Chit Chats International TrackedShipments < 4.4 lbs:
L < 24” or L+W+H < 36”

Shipments >= 4.4 lbs:
(x <= 15" and y <= 15" and z <= 27") OR (x <= 4" and y <= 4" and z <= 42.5")
x = smallest, y = middle, z = largest
Shipments must not exceed 66 lbs

Canadian Shipments

Very light shipments must be rounded up to 100 g as all shipments less than this amount are charged the same starting postage rate. 

CarrierMaximum DimensionsMaximum WeightNotes
Chit Chats Slim7.5 in x 12 in x 0.8 inShipments must not exceed 250 g

Minimum weight 10g

Minimum dimensions 4 in x 6 in x 0.2 in

Chit Chats SelectNo singular dimension greater than 22 inShipments must not exceed 20 lbsMinimum weight 0.1 lb
Chit Chats Canada TrackedMaximum dimensions, L, W, & H in cm
L < 2 m
L + (2 x H + 2 x W) < 3 m
Shipments must not exceed 30 kgShipments <100 g (the starting rate) must be rounded up to 100 g. Otherwise the rate may not be displayed.
Chit Chats Collect34 cm x 42 cm x 20 cm Shipments must not exceed 11 lbs

You can use this formula to calculate the dimensional weight (kg) of your Canadian shipments: 

Dim wt (in kg) = (L x W x H)/ 5000  L, W, & H in cm

E.g. A shipment with measurements 50 cm, 16 cm, 42 cm will have a dim wt of (50 x 16 x 42)/5000 = 6.72 kg.

*Service availability may vary. Irregular parcels should be measured as if they were enclosed in a rectangle. Surcharges may apply for oversized and irregular shipments.