If you are looking to be reimbursed for unused postage, please this article.

When the postage for a shipment is underpaid, there is a risk that the carrier will return the shipment to the sender due to insufficient postage. Otherwise the carrier may charge the recipient postage due to release the shipment, making for a less than delightful customer experience.

However, rather than return the shipment or charge postage due upon delivery, some carriers will instead deliver the shipments and opt to pass along the difference in postage to the shipper as a "postage adjustment".

Chit Chats receives these charges from our partner carriers from time to time and any differences in postage from the carrier will be applied to your Chit Chats account. 

If a postage adjustment has been issued for one of your shipments, you will receive a notification in your account.

A record of all postage adjustments can be found in your transactions. You can also find details by clicking on the Transactions link for any shipment. 

When viewing the transactions for a specific shipment you will be given a breakdown including the adjustment amount and the reason for the adjustment. An adjustment ID will also be included for USPS shipments.

What might cause a postage adjustment?

You may see a postage adjustment for the following reasons:

The weight and/or dimensions entered for the shipment differ from what has been measured by the carrier.

This may result in the shipment requiring a different postage rate or mail class altogether.

The shipment does not qualify for the service or packaging used. 

The shipment was mailed from the wrong origin or region.

Postage rates are based on two addresses, the induction address (origin) and the delivery address. Your Chit Chats region determines the induction address of your shipments.

  • Ex. Creating a shipment with your Chit Chats region set to Ontario but shipping at a Chit Chats branch in BC.

Please note: Chit Chats will automatically apply CAD $50 administrative fee in addition to any shortfall, per each instance, for any shortfall due to you submitting inaccurate count, weight and dimensions of your shipment.

*Service availability may vary.