If you are looking to be reimbursed for unused postage, please this article.

A postage adjustment is an amount applied to correct discrepancies in the postage cost when the shipment details used to create the postage label don't match the actual shipment weight and/or dimensions. 

When the postage for a shipment is underpaid, there is a risk that the carrier will return the shipment to the sender due to insufficient postage. Otherwise the carrier may charge the recipient the postage due on delivery, making for a less than delightful customer experience.

However, rather than return the shipment or charge postage due upon delivery, some carriers will deliver the shipment and pass along the difference in postage to the shipper as a "postage adjustment".

Chit Chats receives these charges directly from our partner carriers and the differences in postage are applied to your Chit Chats account. 

If a postage adjustment is applied to one of your shipments, you will receive a notification in your account.


You can find a record of any postage adjustments in your transactions by clicking on the Transactions link for the shipment.


Here you will see the adjustment amount and the reason along with the shipment details. Any USPS shipments will also include an adjustment ID.

What might cause a postage adjustment?

Postage adjustments can happen for any of the following reasons:

1. The weight and/or dimensions entered for the shipment differ from what has been measured by the carrier.

When this happens, you may have underpaid or overpaid for postage because your shipment does not qualify for the postage rate selected. 

Sometimes the dimensions listed on the packaging reflects the inner dimensions versus the outer dimensions. In order to purchase accurate postage you need to enter the packaging's outer dimensions. For some boxes, the difference between inner and outer dimensions can be up to half an inch which can impact the price of your postage. We recommend that you double-check your package to ensure the dimensions are accurate as this will avoid any potential postage adjustments. 

2. The shipment does not qualify for the service used. 

For example, if your item is restricted and must travel by ground but you’ve selected an airmail service, your shipment may require a new postage label. An adjustment may be applied for the difference in postage cost between the two services.

3. The shipment was mailed from the wrong origin or region.

Postage rates are based on the origin (induction) address and the destination (delivery) address. Your Chit Chats region determines the induction address of your shipments. For example, if you create a shipment with your Chit Chats region set to Ontario but you ship from a Chit Chats branch in BC, then the postage you create will be incorrect. 

We understand that mistakes can happen and our team is always available if you need help with preparing your shipments. Our article “How do I accurately measure my shipments?” is a useful resource for ensuring accuracy with entering shipment details. Our team is here to support and work with you to avoid additional fees for your shipments.