Carriers use different transportation methods when delivering shipments, meaning shipping restrictions are highly dependent on the carrier. This is important to consider when selecting the right carrier for your shipment. 

Below you will find a brief overview of the shipping restrictions for each available carrier. For the most current information on carrier shipping restrictions, please refer to the web pages that are linked in each section. Please note that carrier-specific restrictions are in addition to Chit Chats’ Shipping Restrictions.


Packages may be subject to random internal and external compliance checks. This process includes opening the package to verify the declared shipment information. Any parcels subject to a compliance check are handled with the utmost care and resealed in close proximity of how the parcel was originally packaged.


There are two main factors to consider when shipping via USPS:

  • U.S. vs International Shipments
  • Prohibited vs Restricted Items

As most international shipments travel by air, they are subject to certain safety regulations for air travel in addition to necessary customs clearance. For this reason, prohibited international shipments include and extend beyond the scope of prohibited U.S. shipments.

However, as some U.S. shipments may also travel by air domestically, items prohibited internationally may only be restricted within the U.S. Typically these restrictions pertain to an item’s packaging, labelling or its quantity and shipments must be sent with a ground service.

For example, electronic devices that are pre-owned, opened or are not sealed in the product's original packaging that contain lithium batteries are prohibited from air travel whether domestically or internationally.

There are also strict requirements for the labelling of shipments. Packaging for these shipments must contain the labels: 

  • "Restricted Electronic Device"
  • "Surface Transportation Only" 

New lithium batteries in their unopened, original packaging are restricted items and may be permitted for air travel only in limited quantities. 

While not a restriction, it is important that depending on the contents of the package some services may not be available. For example, only documents can be shipped with USPS First Class Mail International.

Ex. A Brief Overview of USPS Prohibited & Restricted Items

  • Ammunition
  • Explosives
  • Aerosols
  • Paint
  • Lithium batteries with some exceptions 
  • Aerosols
  • Ammunition
  • Explosives
  • Paint
  • Pre-owned or damaged electronics containing lithium batteries
  • Knives 
  • New lithium batteries in original packaging

For a more in-depth look at prohibitions and restrictions, please see the USPS's Shipping Restrictions.

Chit Chats U.S. Select & U.S. Edge

As Chit Chats U.S. Select & U.S. Edge both partner with USPS for final delivery to your customers in the U.S., shipments must adhere to Chit Chats’ shipping restrictions for customs clearance in addition to USPS’s regulations.

See the above section for items prohibited and restricted by USPS for U.S. shipments.

Chit Chats International Tracked

For Chit Chats International Tracked postage, all shipments must be TSA-compliant as our partner carriers transport shipments by air. To be considered TSA-compliant, an item must not be classified as a dangerous good. Some examples of dangerous goods include:

  • Items that are explosive, flammable, corrosive, or are oxidizers or compressed gases. This includes aerosols, perfumes, fragrances and household cleaning agents.
  • Large quantities of magnets, and strong or industrial magnets & magnetized materials
  • Dry Ice
  • Hazardous Batteries & preowned or used electronic/products containing these batteries e.g. cellphone, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, etc.

Additional restrictions apply to the Chit Chats International Tracked service, as the Asendia shipments are regulated by the TSA in addition to items listed in the Declaration. The following items are not eligible to be shipped using this service:

  • Items that are explosive, flammable, corrosive or are oxidizers or compressed gasses including aerosols (i.e. hairspray, deodorant), household cleaning agents, nail polish and perfume
  • Large quantities of magnets, strong or industrial magnets and magnetized materials
  • Dry ice
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Lithium batteries installed in preowned or used equipment in which they are intended to operate they are intended to operate
  • Items that may pose a threat or are considered a weapon (i.e. knives)

It is the shipper's responsibility to comply with each carrier's specific restrictions.

For more information, the USPS has a great guide on which items may be considered dangerous goods.

Additionally, as our partner Asendia handles international shipments of Chit Chats International Tracked, so please note:

  • Your shipment will transit across the U.S. border before transiting to the destination country and will be subject to U.S. Customs prohibitions and restrictions.
  • Consider the customs regulations for the destination country. Some countries may require additional documentation such as a customs tax reference number. It is your responsibility to research requirements before you ship.
  • A CN22 customs form is required and is generated at the time of postage creation. For some Chit Chats International Tracked shipments, the CN22 will not be displayed on the postage label and is instead transmitted electronically.
  • All shipments are considered 'Merchandise', regardless of the customs content type indicated on the Chit Chats platform e.g. Documents, Gift, Returned goods, etc. This may impact the customs duties and taxes charged for your shipment. As a result, these are not postage options available for gifts. If you wish to send a gift to an international recipient, we recommend using one of our other international postage options like USPS International.

For more information on the import restrictions in the destination country for your shipment, please refer to these links:

Please also see Asendia’s reference on prohibited items.

Canadian Shipments

For shipments with Canadian postage, such as Edge, Slim and Canada Tracked : While shipments traveling with this carrier do not cross international borders, they must meet Canada Post's mailability criteria. In general, there are two item classifications: 

  • Prohibited - items considered to be dangerous and are not mailable
  • Controlled - items which may be mailed but have additional packaging and documentation requirements

Additionally, Chit Chats Slim shipments are prohibited from containing batteries of any kind.

Ex. Brief Overview of Canada Post Prohibited & Controlled Items

Prohibited ItemsControlled Items
  • Firearms, Explosives & Replica munitions
  • Flammables e.g. fuel sources, matches, etc.
  • Dry Ice
  • Strong Magnets
  • Medical/Biological materials
  • Perishables
  • Liquids
  • Lithium Batteries

For more information on what Canada Post considers to be non-mailable, please see these links: