Starting March 1, 2023, packages sent to countries that follow European Union (EU) customs rules will need more-detailed content descriptions for customs forms. Read our latest blog to learn what you need to do. 

Interested in accessing fully tracked international shipping for less? Learn about Chit Chats International Tracked, our international postage option made for connecting you with your customers abroad.

How it works

The Chit Chats International Tracked service makes use of our partnership with APC Postal Logistics to expedite international packages in the U.S. Your shipments then travel overseas to local carriers in the destination country who handle the final mile delivery to your customer. By tapping into their international network the result is a quick and reliable shipping option for your international orders. 

Chit Chats International Tracked accommodates shipments up to 66 lbs.

Important! Due to the transportation methods used, there are strict limitations on what can be shipped. To ship with Chit Chats International Tracked, your shipments must be TSA-compliant. Please familiarize yourself with the restrictions specific to this service before shipping.

Why consider International Tracked for your shipments?

You require tracking for your international shipments

All Chit Chats International Tracked shipments include full tracking with delivery confirmation for your recipients. Tracking updates can be found directly in your Chit Chats account or by searching the carrier tracking number on APC's tracking page

Tracking events are provided by the partner carrier; however, there is typically a gap between the last tracking update in the U.S. and when the package is inducted in the destination country. This is because the package may be subject to international customs inspections and will need to be processed by the local postal authority in the destination country.

You want to insure your international shipments

This service is eligible for full coverage insurance available through our platform. Adding insurance to your Chit Chats International Tracked shipments is quick and easy.

You want the lowest-cost international shipping option

Chit Chats International Tracked boasts our lowest postage rates for international shipments. If you see Chit Chats International Tracked for your shipment, you can rest assured that you have our best rates for international postage.

You want to experience smoother customs clearance

With Chit Chats International Tracked, you have the opportunity to purchase delivered duties paid (DDP) postage to select countries. With this service, shipments pass more easily through international customs as duties have already been paid for, removing the need for your customers to pay additional customs fees upon delivery. If you've collected the applicable duties and taxes from your customer at the point of sale, you'll need to include the custom tax reference number for your shipment to gain access to DDP postage with Chit Chats International Tracked.

You don’t need to manage return shipments

Chit Chats International Tracked does not include a return service. This means any undeliverable shipments will not be returned to you and will be disposed of in the destination country. If you require a return service for your shipments, we recommend using another of our international shipping options. 

Purchasing Chit Chats International Tracked Postage

Chit Chats International Tracked postage is available for your thick envelopes and parcels to select international destinations*. Simply create a shipment as you normally would and Chit Chats International Tracked will be listed as an option in the “Postage” step if eligible.

If you've included a customs tax reference number for your shipment, by default you will be shown the corresponding rate for duties paid postage if applicable. To see delivered duties unpaid (DDU) postage options, deselect the checkbox that says Yes, I want duties paid postage to view all the postage options available. However, please note that by choosing to ship with a DDU postage option, you (the shipper) are responsible for any duties that your shipments may incur.

If importing your shipments or using our API, there are a few extra steps to take to ensure you select the best option for your shipments.

  1. Reference our country list for all of the countries offered under Chit Chats International Tracked to make sure your destination is available. 
  2. Indicate chit_chats_international_tracked in the postage_type field to access DDU postage options, if available.
  3. To access DDP postage options with Chit Chats International Tracked, please make sure to also:
    1. Include your IOSS (up to 15 characters long) or other customs tax reference number in the vat_reference field.
    2. Ensure the duties_paid_requested field is set to TRUE or yes.

Note: You may notice that some DDP postage labels are not required to include a CN-22 customs document.


Please note that the address fields for Chit Chats International Tracked shipments have a maximum limit of 30 characters each.

Be aware that there are delivery limitations with Chit Chats International Tracked to PO Boxes addressed to Great Britain. Service to such an address is only available via the DDU option at this time.

Some countries may require additional customs information such as a customs tax reference number or a recipient phone number in order to purchase postage. It is your responsibility to research the requirements of the destination country before you ship.

All Chit Chats International Tracked shipments will default to the “Merchandise” type for package_contents regardless of the selection indicated. This information is used in international customs declarations. As a result Chit Chats International Tracked postage is not available for gifts. If you wish to send a gift to an international recipient, we recommend using the USPS international postage option.

Getting your shipments to us

As with all of the shipment types we accept, your Chit Chats International Tracked packages must be sorted upon their arrival at Chit Chats. You should sort these shipments apart from other postage types you might be dropping off. We want to ensure your shipment is sorted correctly to avoid potential delays and we cannot be responsible for any shipments that are brought to us unsorted or packaged incorrectly.

If you batch your shipments please note that while multiple carriers may exist within the same batch, shipments must be sorted physically.