If you have a shipment that no longer needs sending or if you’ve made an error on a postage label that you've purchased, you can request a refund for your postage as long as it hasn't been shipped yet. Requesting a postage refund voids the postage label and returns the postage and insurance fees (if applicable) to your account as credits.

Important! When you refund postage you are confirming that any previously printed postage labels were never used. Postage refunds cannot be requested for shipments that are in transit or for shipments returned as undeliverable. Additionally, some non-tracked postage types such as USPS First Class Mail and Chit Chats Slim are ineligible for refunds. This is because the carrier is unable to verify that the postage was never used. Take care to enter all shipment details accurately before selecting these options. 

If you made an error on your shipment but you have yet to purchase the label, you can edit or void your shipment instead. If you are attempting to refund postage for a lost shipment, please either file an insurance claim if eligible or contact us to begin an investigation.

Postage refund requests are processed by our postage provider before they are sent to the carrier for review. Each carrier has their own timelines for reviewing and processing refund requests, as listed below.

Carrier/Postage TypeRefund TimelineAdditional Notes
Chit Chats US Select
Chit Chats US Edge
20 business daysUSPS First Class Mail (cards, letters & flats) not eligible for refunds
Chit Chats Canada TrackedProcessed immediatelyPostage refunds must be initiated within 7 days of creating postage.
Chit Chats Collect
Chit Chats Select
Processed immediately

Chit Chats International TrackedProcessed immediately

Please contact us for assistance if you experience difficulties with your postage refund.

Requesting a postage refund

  1. Navigate to your Pending tab and select the shipment(s) you wish to refund. If the shipment was dropped off at a Chit Chats, we will need to return it to your account first.
  2. In the action bar at the bottom of the page, click on ‘Other’ > ‘Request Refund


3. You will be prompted to confirm the refund request. Click ‘Request Refund’

After requesting your refund, the insurance fees for the shipment should immediately return to your account as credits. Postage refunds however, will first need to be approved by the respective carrier. The refunded shipment can now be found under the Voided tab of your account.

Postage refunds may also be automatically initiated for your shipments that are older than 29 days in order to prevent postage expiry or stale postage.

If you experience any issues with requesting your refund, please contact us.

Checking your postage refund status

You can monitor the status of your refund by reviewing the 'Tracking History' for the shipment or checking the shipment from your Voided tab. There are three statuses:

  • Refund requested
  • Refund approved
  • Refund denied

Chit Chats will send you an email once the carrier has approved or denied your refund request. This will also appear as a notification in your Chit Chats account.


If approved, your postage fee will be refunded to your account as credits at this time. If you are also interested in a refund of credits, see here.