Your shipment will go through a number of statuses on its journey to your customer. Learn what happens at each step so you can keep your customers well-informed and help manage their expectations.

Review our breakdown of tracking updates to decipher your tracking.

Chit Chats is waiting to receive your shipment.
Your shipment is missing information that we require before we can receive it.
You’ve selected postage for your shipment but you have not yet purchased it.
Postage Expired
This postage rate is no longer available. Please refresh and select the postage rate again in order to buy postage.

The shipment is now ready to drop off at Chit Chats.
In Transit

We’re processing your shipment and it is on its way to your customer.
We have received your shipment in one of our branches for processing.
We’ve released your shipment to our delivery partner.
Our delivery partner has begun to process your shipment.
Your shipment is still in transit but may arrive after the original delivery estimate. Please monitor your tracking for the latest updates on your shipment.
Our partner has confirmed via tracking update that your shipment was delivered to your customer at their address or mailbox.
Your postage does not include delivery confirmation. Instead, your shipment will be archived and moved from the 'In Transit” status after 60 days.

We archive shipments to prevent tracking errors as carriers often recycle old tracking numbers.


Your shipment encountered an issue during transit but may still be delivered. Please check your tracking as there may be actions required for delivery or your shipment may be returned.

Ex. If the delivery address was inaccessible or unsafe to leave the shipment in, your customer may receive a notice card with information on where to pick up.

You’ve indicated that you no longer plan to send this shipment. The postage is now invalid and we will immediately refund your insurance fees.
Refund requested
A postage refund was requested for approval. This process can take up to 20 business days.
Refund approved
Your postage refund was approved and the shipment cost was returned to your account as credits.
Refund not approved
Your postage refund was not approved. Reasons for this include the postage being in use, requesting a refund outside of the eligibility period or the postage type being ineligible for a refund.