A shipment may go through many states before being delivered. Below are some of the states you can expect to see.


The shipment is still with the shipper and Chit Chats has not received the shipment yet.

Incomplete: The shipment is missing required information and is not ready to be received.

Unpaid: Postage has been selected for your shipment but not yet purchased.

Postage Expired: The postage rate selected is no longer available. You must refresh and select the postage rate again in order to buy postage.

Ready: Full details have been provided for the shipment and all applicable fees have been paid. The shipment is now ready to drop off at Chit Chats.

In Transit

The shipment is either with Chit Chats or the partner carrier and is on its way to the destination.


A shipment is marked as ‘Delivered’ once confirmed by the partner carrier. This is a status that the partner carrier updates once the shipment is delivered to your customer at their address or mailbox. Alternatively, if the delivery address was inaccessible or it was unsafe to leave the shipment, the carrier may leave a notice card with information on where your recipient can pick up their shipment.


The shipment is still in transit but is currently delayed. You may expect for your package to arrive beyond the original delivery estimate. To find more information about the nature of the delay, a description will be provided in the tracking history. Please continue to monitor the tracking page for further updates on the status of your shipment. 


Shipments that do not have a delivery confirmation are moved from 'In Transit' and are archived after 60 days. This applies to shipments that do not have full tracking (i.e. non-tracked & partially tracked) or shipments that have exceptionally long transit times (longer than 60 days).

Note: Shipments are archived as carriers often recycle tracking numbers and this prevents errors with the duplication of tracking.


The 'Exception' status refers to shipments that encounter issues during their transit. Details may be provided in the tracking updates or you will need to contact the partner carrier directly for further information. Otherwise, your shipment may be returned to the sender

If you use Chit Chats' return address, your shipment will need additional time to be delivered to us before we can return it to you. Once we receive and process your return, you will be able to track it from the Returns tab in your Chit Chats account.

Note: It is possible for a shipment to be delivered even with an exception in its history. 


A refund has been requested for the shipment. Insurance fees will be refunded immediately. The postage refund was submitted and will either be approved or rejected by the carrier.