What is a batch?

Simply put, a batch can be any grouping of shipments that you intend to drop off or send to Chit Chats. When you have multiple shipments, batches are a tool you can use for organizing them and letting us know what to expect for your next visit, pickup or mail-in. 

Why should I batch my shipments?

Batches are a great way to help organize your shipments before getting them to us. This is especially helpful if you create shipments days in advance of getting them to us. When you are ready to send us your shipments, your batch will be a breakdown of what you expect us to receive. This way it is easy to identify any discrepancies and ensure no shipments are missed.

When you batch your shipments, our staff is able to simultaneously receive all your shipments with a scan of your batch label. This makes for quicker tracking updates and faster processing. Please note that this does not guarantee physical acceptance of your shipments.

Even the smallest batch inaccuracy can have a big impact at the U.S. border, resulting in shipment delays, fines and penalties. Remember, the shipments you put in a batch are declared to U.S. Customs as-is, so make sure your batch is accurate before handing it off! It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of your batches (piece counts, correct recipient information etc.). Discrepancies or neglecting to batch your shipments may result in delays to your shipments and the possibility of administrative fees. We recommend that you incorporate quality assurance checks into your workflow to limit these discrepancies.

When do I need to batch my shipments?

While it never hurts to batch your shipments, you are required to create a batch for your shipments when:

Don’t forget that when batching it is important to physically consolidate your shipments before getting them to us. This ensures that all your shipments are kept together for processing. Including your batch label allows us to cross-reference the shipments we receive with what you indicate you are sending in your batch.

I have less than 10 shipments? Do I need to batch?

If you are visiting one of our drop spots or are arranging to get your shipments to us with a pickup or by mailing-in, you must always create a batch for your shipments, regardless of the piece count. This helps us verify what you intend for us to receive when you cannot be there to drop off at one of our branches.

While it is not required to batch when you have fewer than 10 shipments to drop off in branch, it certainly doesn’t hurt to do so.

How do I batch my shipments?

Batching your shipment requires you to both group them in your Chit Chats account and physically consolidate them before getting your shipments to us. Check out our step-by-step instructions for three different methods on how to create a batch in your account: by import, scanning or manually transferring shipments.

Do I need to create a batch for each destination/carrier/postage type?

No, your batch label will have a breakdown of how many shipments of each carrier type you are sending so there is no need to create a batch for each. However, if you have high volumes of each carrier type (e.g. 200 Canada Tracked, 50 US Select), we recommend creating a batch for each carrier type just for ease of sorting.This will help us easily identify which carrier the shipments belong to at a glance. Scanning your shipments into theses batches can help speed up this workflow. (This feature is currently in testing. If you would like to sign up to be a tester, please contact us.)

Ultimately, it is most important that you remember to physically sort the shipments in your batch by carrier as best as you can.

I have multiple bags/boxes/skids of shipments. Do I need to create a batch for each?

No, you can create one batch for all of your bags, as long as you expect Chit Chats to receive them all at one time. Please just make sure to print and attach a batch label to each bag. We recommend writing the number of bags on each label e.g. 1 of 3, 2 of 3, 3 of 3.

I made a mistake with my batch. How can I fix this?

If you have made a mistake with your batch, it is important to correct it right away. It is the shipper’s responsibility to ensure that your batch and shipment information is accurate before getting your shipments to us. Batch discrepancies can result in delays and potential administrative fees. 

You can add or remove shipments from your batch up until you are ready to drop them off to us. Doing so is easy, simply visit your batch details and highlight the shipment(s) in question then click the Batch button > "Remove from Batch". Or if you have a scanner, scan the shipment label into your search bar, then click "Batch" > "Remove from Batch".

If you have already gotten your shipments to us, please contact us as soon as possible to correct the error.

I accidentally forgot to batch my shipments/print my batch label, will my items still be processed?

We understand that accidents happen and we will still process your shipments. If you have a larger volume this may delay the processing as our staff are dedicated to verifying the actual quantity of packages dropped off match the pending shipments in your account. 

How do I print a batch label?

To print a label for your batch, first make sure that you have created and paid for all your shipments and that they are ready to be received by Chit Chats. Next click on ‘Batches’ (left sidebar), select the desired batch and click on ‘Print Batch Label’ in the top right corner. The batch label should print as your postage labels would.

I’m having trouble printing my batch label, what can I do?

Check to make sure all of your shipments are ready to be received by Chit Chats. If you have not finished creating your shipments or paying for postage, you will not be able to print the batch label.

If your shipments are ready to go, check to make sure your printer is connected and functional. Your batch labels should print as your postage labels do or you can download a PDF version of the label to print from a desktop printer. If this does not work, please check out our tips for troubleshooting printers or contact us for assistance.

If you are pressed for time, please clearly label your consolidated shipments with the batch number. This can be done by writing the batch number e.g. Batch-XXXXXX on a piece of paper and attaching it to your bag or box of batched shipments.

Can I drop off more than one batch at a time? How can I combine batches?

Yes, you can drop off more than one batch at a time however we recommend that you combine batches whenever possible to help keep things organized.

If you import your shipments using a store integration or the Chit Chats CSV, you may notice that you are prompted to add your shipments to a new or existing batch with each import. If you have multiple connected stores and find that your account is flooded with batches, try adding shipments to the same batch with each import. Or you can combine two or more batches into one after you import. 

To combine batches, go to the Batches page (left menu) and select the desired batches. Click the ‘Batch’ option (bottom menu) and combine your batches into a brand new batch with ‘Add to New Batch’. Or combine them with an existing batch using the ‘Add to Batch’ button and select your intended destination batch.

Alternatively, if you have a scanner, you can click "Scan to Batch" to scan one batch label and then scan the remaining shipment into that batch.

Do I need to sort my shipments if I batch?

Yes! While batching your shipments can help with organizing them and getting quicker tracking updates, physically sorting the shipments in your batch greatly decreases processing times. And while we do sort your shipments during processing, when you sort your shipments ahead of time, it further reduces the chance for sorting errors. 

How do I sort my shipments?

After creating a batch for your shipments on the Chit Chats platform you will need to physically sort your shipments by carrier. For example if you have 12 shipments to drop off and 10 are for USPS and two (2) are Canada Tracked, we ask you to separate the 2 Canada Tracked from the 10 USPS so that we can easily identify these to process them accordingly. 

Depending on the size and volume of the shipments for each carrier you may want to place these in separate containers or in a smaller bag within a larger one to keep them separate. For example, if the two Canada Tracked were smaller, you could place them in a small plastic bag before putting them in with the 10 USPS shipments. After sorting, you would need to attach the batch label for the 12 shipments on the outside of the larger bag. 

How will I know Chit Chats has received my batch?

Once your batch has been received by our staff, the shipments contained in the batch will move from your ‘Pending’ shipments to ‘In-transit’ (left sidebar). Your batch will also go from ‘Pending’ to ‘Received’.

However, as long as there is a shipment in the batch that is waiting to be received, the batch will remain open under your Pending tab.

Why does my batch still say that it is pending?

Your batch may not have been received by us just yet or there may be a discrepancy between the number of pieces in the batch and what we received from you. Our friendly support team will be able to assist you with any inquiries about your batch.

Can I name my batches?

Yes, quickly and easily give new batches a name when importing shipments via CSV file or your connected store. Or visit your Batches page (left sidebar menu) to edit the name for any of your existing batches. This optional step will help keep you organized when reviewing batches on your Batches page as your custom name (up to 50 characters) will be shown alongside the unique ID for your batch.