Learn how to resolve the most common errors that occur when importing shipments via the Chit Chats CSV. If you are looking for help importing from a connected store, learn how to troubleshoot here.

File Type Errors

Invalid File

The Chit Chats CSV file importer only accepts Comma Separated Value (CSV) files. Please make sure that you are uploading the correct file type when importing shipments. You may need to convert your existing file to the CSV format or download your data again as a CSV.

Not in UTF-8 format

To import, your CSV files must be in UTF-8 format. To ensure your file is saved as UTF-8, make a copy of the sample template in Google and save as CSV. By default, Google saves these files as UTF-8 encoded.

If you have already saved your file as an Excel spreadsheet, then follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the File menu option and click Save As
  2. Name your file
  3. Select the Save as type as .csv
  4. Click the Tools menu drop-down box and click Web Options
  5. Under the Encoding tab, see ‘Save this document as: Unicode (UTF-8)’ and click Save

Invalid Headers

The headers in the first row of the CSV template should not be altered in any way. Any changes to these headers will cause your import to fail.

Unable to Fetch Postage Rate

When postage isn't available for a shipment, or your columns are formatted incorrectly you will see 'unable to fetch postage rate' errors. Please see the 'Columns are Formatted Incorrectly' section below for possible resolution.


When exporting and downloading a CSV file, please note that Safari is not compatible for opening the file. To avoid this issue, you can either utilize Numbers (for Mac users) or export the file to Google Sheets.

Columns Are Formatted Incorrectly

These types of mistakes will often prevent you from being able to purchase postage for your shipments. You will likely see the ‘Unable to fetch postage rate’ error.

Missing Fields

You must include the shipment information for all required fields on the CSV template. Certain destinations may have more required fields. Each field must be completed to the exact specifications shown in the sample template

Acceptable inputs for the importer:

*Also keep in mind that the package and postage types indicated must be compatible

For example, if chit_chats_slim is used for postage_type, thick_envelope must be indicated for package_type. 

If USPS First Class Mail International is selected for postage, with the package type of letter or flat envelope, document must be selected as the type of content as only documents can be shipped with this service.

Please note that the cheapest_postage_type_requested field can only be used for shipments to U.S. addresses and will cause an error when used for Canadian and international shipments. 

Additionally, you should check the eligibility of your shipment and postage type before adding features such as signature confirmation, Chit Chats Insurance or requesting delivered duties paid postage (e.g. Chit Chats International Tracked).

Some additional formatting errors may include:

  • Name column is too long
  • Customs tax reference number is too long
    • Maximum 20 alphanumeric characters
  • Value must be less than 2500, Value must be less than 800 (U.S. & international shipments)
  • Unknown order_store ‘X’ e.g. ‘shopiify’
    • Double check the spelling of the store name
  • Description is too short
    • Minimum 3 characters
  •  Please enter Customer Email or Phone
    • Customer contact details are required for Chit Chats Collect postage
  • Collect_type value is required
    • Collect type either “branch” or “locker” must be include for Chit Chats Collect postage
  • No nearby Collect location

    • No branch or no locker offering Chit Chats Collect near the recipient address

  • Collect Location is no longer available

    • Selected collect type or location is not available

Name, Address or Shipment Description Contains Special Characters 

Recipient and return addresses that contain non-Latin characters (i.e. Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Hangul, Kanji, Russian, etc.) are not supported on our platform and will cause an import to fail. 

Addresses and shipment descriptions must be provided in English as accented characters can produce an error. This is because English is the designated language for our international shipping partners which also include any U.S. bound shipments. You should confirm with your recipient or use a translator program to ensure you have the correct address information in English. 

If any special or non-Latin characters are required, create a secondary label with these characters that can be attached to the package in addition to your postage label. Just be sure to not cover the postage label.

Zip Code with Missing 'Leading Zero'

Some programs and applications like Excel automatically remove leading zeros. This will prevent you from entering postal/zip codes that start with 0 (e.g. 0123 becomes 123) and you may see the error: postal_code column is invalid.

If this happens, follow these steps to format your numbers as plain text which will ensure that leading zeros are displayed:

  1. Select the postal_code column heading
  2. In the Excel menu, change the format from 'Number' to 'Text'. Sort by descending order and add the '0' back in to the front of 4-digit zip codes if necessary
  3. Under Numbers: in the format sidebar on the right, click cell, in the "Data format" menu select 'Text'

An alternate option to your import stopping when there are postage errors on shipments is to replace the shipments with 'unknown postage type'. If replaced with 'unknown postage type you will be asked to select the correct postage option before you pay for your shipments.
To take advantage of this feature follow these steps:

  1. In your Chit Chats account, navigate to Shipping your account Settings
  2. In the Import Shipments section, select your preference to 'import postage errors with unknown postage type'

Using the incorrect CSV template file  

When you use the Advanced CSV template, all international shipments must list out each item contained in one package separately. This means that if your package contains 5 t-shirts, 1 hat, 2 pins each of these items must be entered on an individual line in the Advanced template file.  The Advanced template is recommended if you import international shipments. 

 The order_id is the identifier that will ensure that all shipment items for the one package are imported correctly together. This is an important and mandatory field for the Advanced CSV template.  

IMPORTANT: When using the Advanced template the order_id identifies the individual items so verify that the order_id is the same for all items contained in one package.  

For example if you have order_id 133 that contains 3 art prints and 2 sticker pins you would enter each item on a separate line like below. If you do not have an order_id for your shipments, designate a unique number so that the import works correctly. 

If you import international shipments using the Standard CSV template you will need to add all items contained in one package on one line with each item separated by a semicolon (i.e. 2 stickers; 1 hat; 3 handmade planters).

Need more help?

If you are still having difficulty troubleshooting your import, please contact us with the following:

  • Your client ID
  • A copy of the file you are trying to upload
  • Screenshots of the error message you are receiving