If you have multiple shipments to prepare, you don’t have to create shipments one-by-one. Use one of our handy import tools, so you can save time by creating many shipments at once.

You have three options for importing your shipments to the Chit Chats platform. 

1. Connect a store

We offer direct integrations with these e-commerce platforms:

Directly connect your store with your Chit Chats account to easily create shipments for orders that are ready to ship. Our store integrations are the easiest way to save time and minimize data entry errors.*

2. Upload a file

If you don’t see your e-commerce platform among our list, you can still import your shipments. Shipments can be imported via file upload by using our Chit Chats Standard CSV file or Advanced Chit Chats CSV file format

Learn more about how to import shipments using a CSV file here.

3. Chit Chats API

To fully automate your integration with Chit Chats you can use our API.

After importing shipments, it is important to verify the accuracy of all information as any inaccurate information can result in:

  • Postage adjustments due to insufficient postage
  • Possible shipping delays
  • Undeliverable shipments (returns)
  • Additional administrative fees 

While these import tools offer a quick and convenient solution for adding your shipments, it is the shipper's responsibility to ensure the accuracy of all the shipment information declared.

This includes entering the correct weights and dimensions of each of your shipments including the packaging that was used. The weight of any packaging is not added to the item weight upon importing your shipments. That’s why you should ensure that the product entries for each of your SKUs includes the packaging weight in the total weight for your shipment.

*Store integrations will not display live Chit Chats shipping rates in your connected store but you can learn more about other time saving tools like our bulk editing and shipping presets.